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"Cheer! Cheer! Brave is seized the first! " " too marvellous! Oh Ye! " cheer sound and hurrah to drift on the playground, the gout games of the school began in the hubbub of classmates.


Games pulls open awl act in grand national anthem sound, it is above all " build stone to cross a river " project. After the activity begins, whole competition ground boils immediately rise. Regulation is: On track, a classmate has been used by turns with two bricks " river " , the shortest classmate when using wins victory. Each serves fellow students seriously oneself match, fight is high-spirited, whole situation is devoted, do all one can goes all out in work.


Look, the Wang Xiaoming's classmate of our class, already itch to try. The match began, the type with the as sudden as lightning put down Wang Xiaoming the first brick, walk, put down the 2nd again then, walked, the old horse also has when breaking hoof, he does not have stand firm, let surround the classmates of view to worry unceasingly. But he adjusts good position quickly, master good counterbalance, draw a lesson, begin to pay attention to skill, smooth, apace goes up in the brick. Final with achievement of annual class second perfect respond to a curtain call.


The 2nd project is " alone annulus king " . Regulation is: A classmate is pushing the small wheelbarrow of 3 footballs to keep away from all fraise, one when find out red in posse colored ribbon finally is winner. Classmates are already so excited that classmates began start to come. The match began formally! Next the player Li Gong of our class is plantar resembling that stepped on wind igneous annulus is same, shifting heavy car wind is born below the foot however, do a job with skill and ease, rush ahead quickly, can be in last close when looking for red colored ribbon, it is difficult that she made however. She sees the look that classmates expect, use all over skill goes all out did his best to find colored ribbon eventually, classmates each cheers caper, excited unceasingly.


The tug-of-war competition that has imposing manner most began, this match turns the mood of games to climax. Regular need not I said! Look the classmates of our class, each riveting became sufficient strong, the effort that exert sucks the breast exerts all his strength pull. As expected, person much power is great, make concerted efforts can create a miracle, our class won the contest with achievement of annual class first.


Although be gout games, but game gave fellow students style, game gave a level, this games athletes unite go all out in work, of one mind is forward, with full enthusiasm, brandish asperses individual character, dare be a person first go all out in work spirit, game went active up mental scene, be worth to we are carried on and learn!


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