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Respectable teacher, dear classmates:


Everybody is good in the morning! The title that I make a speech today is " struggling achievement dreams " .


Classmates, do you have a dream? What is your dream? Believe to you can be blurted out surely or tell oneself silently. Because neither one person wishs inherently,do commonplace good-for-nothing. Yes, arrive greatly country, small to the individual, due dream. Take off deficient to go straight towards well-off, those who achieve the Chinese nation is great the dream that reviving is our country, it is us more the dream of 1.4 billion Chinese. Zhou En will be " of China rise abruptly and read " , of Yuan Longping " the dream enjoys the cool below standing grain " ... all these is telling us: The dream can have way; The dream can have power; The dream can have a success.


Light has a dream and do not struggle, so the dream is ideal, it is an illusion. In our life, have two kinds of people: A kind of hour is struggling, realize a dream finally, make contribution for the mankind; Another kind has a dream for nothing namely, did not act actually, final incompetent. So, want to realize a dream when you, do not let dream to become ideal word, be about to do an assiduous, person that always is struggling.


2012 as " divine boat 9 " the success of airship enters the space, be in " god 9 " the female spacefarer on airship -- Liu Yang also by people hep. 10 years are lain between when, she again the brigade of the aerospace of half an year of open by a definite date. Countless people deliver admiring view for it. Little imagine, countless sweat and tear condense and these successes are become. The Liu Yang after high school graduates took an examination of academy of flight of air force Changchun. When strong enter a school, her fitness is poorer, but the effort with indefatigable course, come down a few years, liu Yang's body becomes very strong. After the university graduates, liu Yang became an air man, it is at the beginning of 2010, she passes hard strive for with rigorous assessment, became a spacefarer finally. Although make the way after the spacefarer,be rough cobbly, but the perseverance that Liu Yang uses the spirit with assiduous act vigorously of her Na Qin and adamancy, used time of two years to finish training only, carried assessment.


Classmates, struggling achievement dreams, this is changeless truth. Go back on his word when you so when the bed does not rise; Attend class when you when drowse; When you escape exercise; ... think Su Yi of Olympic Games champion cries, Gu Ailing, think Tsinghua student Jiang Mengna. They are elder sister of the big elder brother that go all out in work all the way and comes, eldest sister. Pack up your laziness, do not believe the success of type of wait for windfalls. Run towards fixed target!


Classmates, the person that do you want to become a success? If your answer is affirmative, so very academic be used to, effort goes all out in work. Want to give 100 percent effort only, can have 100 percent results! Because the dream is met hopeful, struggling ability makes an earnest wish!


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