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" I am certain " had told, the fist that Mr Li Dazhao tightens him cinch, as him the one's words of impassioned is in sky brandish, this one brandish, what brandish gave the Communist Party is arisen, brandish gave bright future of China. " socialism absolutely won't disappoint China " speak, castingly is phonic be like large bell, it is sturdy completely between his eyebrow, all be dauntless in his eye. The fist of Mr Li Dazhao is bungled heavily below, this is bungled, be bungled gave revolutionary martyr people resolute and castiron, break the broad road that gave China to march toward!


This is " arousal time " most move my setting.


"I persuade the ruler of heaven to enliven again, castiron one case falls talent " , at the beginning of the Republic of China year, it is the time of assemble of a talent. Countless hot-blooded youths can be weighed in the exploration in hard dangerous and difficult road brace up the road of Chinese male wind. The failure of Paris and Chinese diplomacy, agitate had the heart of compatriots sleep deeply, may 4th movement of 1919 erupted!


In this troubled time, the participator that the new culture such as Li Dazhao, Chen Duxiu, Mao Zedong moves found the good plan that save the nation, that is confine of communications center broken unreconstructed.


Across, young students face might to did not shrink back, resolutely devote into in motion. When old delay year of execution that be gone to by secret detain, shackles rings, there is light however in his eye. The enemy and when making him fall on one's knees, he is erect the back responds to loudly: "Revolutionary on the up-and-up, face death unflinchingly. Only the station is worn dead, do not fall on his knees absolutely! " word word looks be like blaze, be being soaked in succession all is blood. He is carrying the will like iron and steel from beginning to end, rather die than submit. Second year, old Qiao Nian suffers all kinds of cruel torture, when walking out of prison house, expression is calm and at ease, as if the enemy is such drag in many people to do sth, just take him to go out to take a walk general. His light foot goes in hematic water to mix turbid in, black and blue, go to dead leisurely as before however. "The descendants that lets us enjoys the happiness of forefathers break through brambles and thorns-hack one's way through difficulties! " if before old Qiao Nian sacrifices, martyr says forever so bright and dazzing, heart-stirring.


We stand in instantly to read the history, had known an outcome, but the ancestors at that time people can not foretell to did not come, they are the sturdy belief that depend on their, of press forward with indomitable will go. Each collect, each extract, the speech of each great person, let me burn with righteous indignation for it, let me think real ground goes knowing the history, also value present happy life more.


In the meantime, " arousal time " get on historical book originally planar character and incident return at us at the moment. Be, they are not the frosty renown surnames on the book, however each vivid, having the person of clank iron bone! Their make arduous efforts to be done not have after all by disappoint, now nowadays, china is prosperous and strong, the nation was revitalized! Greeting hero!


Every generation person has his duty and mission, 21 centuries are born we, wish bear the lofty ideal of ancestors, add keeps Chinese your brilliant work!


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