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Open memorial gate, believe everybody has a lot of making the thing that him heart pounds, have stirring, have fear, insecurity does not have arrange, have... ! Today, I open my mind oneself " heart pounds " the thing shares everybody!


When remembering 2 year, the school organizes game of taletelling of entire school sex, I play the game on behalf of our class, in those days, to me, it is to go up such large activity enters for the first time since elementary school, also be to take microphone for the first time, do not carry me to many fear so, fear to forget a word, fear to be mocked by the classmate, the face that fears to lose class collective, fear... resembled running into a frisky bunny to jump in what keep in the heart at that time, let my feel restless, the mood calms hard!


A minute, two minutes, 3 minutes... time is passing stealthily, resemble sandglass inpour the heart of my in fear and trembling, continuously ground risks the sweat in control outside, at this moment, before my Chinese teacher walks up, come, touch my head, pulling my both hands, nutation body, smiling to say to me: "Shi Han, want the point that emphasizes handholding teacher to you only, the go toing with bold intention is told, the teacher believes you go certainly! Dare to challenge, you are the most marvellous! " the encouragement that this had a teacher momently, my heart calmed a lot of. Hear compere says suddenly: "Ask next 2 (2) classmate of Ban Mengshi contain appears on the stage to be told for everybody " clumsy mice " story, applause welcomes everybody " . I am on a stage at once, heart " pit-a-pat, pit-a-pat " the ground jumps continuously quickly, the sound that greets sb with teacher classmates appears faint, but become the teacher before I remember preparation enters this activity and mother that one speech of a sincere words and earnest wishes, deliver the view to them immediately, see the thumb of the eyes that they encourage, genial smile, cock, I had returned eventually to the heart in throat it seems that instantly answered former! This momently, music rings, I saw teacher and mom it seems that two audiences, accompanying wonderful light music, my hand holds microphone, make a motion leisurely, what tell the story with the sound of emphatic dialect and soft beauty is lifelike, affected each attendant audiences, applause rings ceaselessly! "Nervous " this piquant ghost is given conquer by me it seems that, hide beyond the highest heavens at a draught.


After the speech ends, I won first prize of low year group, the teacher stands again for me had thumb, classmates are me is a thunderous applause, mom is readily take the opportunity to closes more not approach mouth, gave me greatly hug, still say I am her pride!


"First prize " , be too excited really! My heart is pounding, it is excited at the moment jump! Jump happily! Jump proudly!


Often recall this work, do not go up by corners of the mouth raise, because that experience lets what stay in the heart that I jump,be happy not only with joy, more it is life is comprehended! It is ceaseless and incentive I am strenuous and precipitant, aspirant!


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